There are a lot of ways to display your tweets on a website, the easiest is using a plugin for that purpose.

One of the most popular plugins for showing your twitter feed in WordPress is…

If you have the Visual Composer page builder plugin installed, you don’t need any additional plugin. Visual Composer includes elements for displaying different social networks publications, including Twitter.

Then, in order to show the tweets on your website you need to have a Twitter app that I have created for you. You can access to your app going to
Once you created the app it gives you some secret keys. These keys are what you need to add on the website to show your tweets.
Twitter feed is displayed by a visual composer plugin element. You can go to Pages and click on edit the “Homepage” page, scroll down to the section where the twitter feed is. Click on edit the element and you will see your API keys already added. This is feed showed on your home page.

You can add this element to any page anywhere to show your tweets as many times as you want, you just need to add the keys:
– Consumer Key (API Key):

– Consumer Secret (API Secret):

– Access Token:

– Access Token Secret:

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