A lot of premium themes nowadays includes a page builder to ease the creation of complex pages. Visual Composer is for sure the most uses page builder and one of the best in the market. Is the best way to create beautiful pages.

Visual Composer plugin is available for download on codecanyon.net, being one of the most downloaded plugins in this market. Because of its fame, it comes included in a lot of premium themes by default, so probably most of you have it already installed.

If that is not the case, but you are interested in using it, don’t worry, this plugin works with any theme. Just install it like any other plugin and activate it to start building awesome pages.

Once installed and activated, you can go create a new page. When you are in the edit page mode, you will see a button that says “Backend Editor” or “Frontend Editor”. Click on it and the page builder interface will replace the normal WordPress interface for creating pages.

Visual composer work by adding different content elements (shortcodes) to the page, to build custom layouts that would be impossible to create without coding. To add elements, click on the plus(+) symbol and select one element.

The first element you should add is a row element. Row elements can be divided into how many columns as you want. Change the number of columns by clicking on the button showed in the image below. This will expand and you can select a different layout.

Then, inside the columns add the elements you want, from simple text and images, to complex
elements like the used in your homepage: team, testimonials, blog posts. It will be a waste of time to explain all the elements and options because the plugin have a great documentation and video tutorials: http://vc.wpbakery.com/video­tutorials/

For the custom elements added by your theme, you need to read the theme documentation.

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